SSC (Samurai Semiconductor Corporation) policy is "customer first", as well as providing design services that focus on specialty areas and speciality technologies, and aiming sustainable development of both its own and the industry through the cooperation with partner companies and individuals.

CEO Message

Japanese semiconductor IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer) is undergoing a drastic transformation. The semiconductor IDM, which was one division of the old-fashioned IT Company, split into a fabless company and a foundry. They are becoming independent of each other. Each of them concentrates on the competitive special field and conducts business with new business model.

In the transformation, the field of business which fell off extremely is a custom LSI business, especially ASIC business, due to the unification of it with FAB. However, there are many needs for the custom LSI from the OEM companies such as the electric companies and set venders. We established SSC in order to catch the needs. SSC plays a role not only to catch the needs in the OEM companies, but also to support the fabless companies, which are becoming active in expertise, from physical implementation point of view.

SSC creates and provides many novel values which can be selected by the customers based on our skills and a lot of experiences in the several semiconductor companies. We take charge of RTL design consulting, providing IPs, layout design and ES production. It is the first step for you to contact us for your development of the semiconductor products.

"SSC aims at the restoration of the domestic semiconductor business."

Shigeru Fujii

Company Profile

Company Name Samurai Semiconductor Corporation
Office Address 3F Shin Yokohama Daini Center Bldg.,
3-19-5 Shin-yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033
TEL、FAX TEL 045-472-4460, FAX 045-473-1083
Board Member Shigeru Fujii (CEO), Shuji Kishi (CMO),
Yohei Kanazawa (CFO), Atsushi Suzuki (CIO)
Business Area Planning, Designing, Sales, and Consulting of LSI
Established July 14th 2014
Accounting period End of December
Capital 26 million JPY (As of April, 2016)23
Principal Stockholder Board Member (100%)23
Our Banks The Bank of Yokohama / Nakayama br
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ / Shin-Yokohama br


Office Address

3F Shin Yokohama Daini Center Bldg.,
3-19-5 Shin-yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033
TEL:+81-45-472-4460/ FAX:+81-45-473-1083


JR Yokohama line "Shin-yokohama station" :8-minutes walk
Blue line "Shin-yokohama station" :4-minutes walk